Friday, March 30, 2018

For the Northern Hemisphere*, at sundown tonight (March 30, 2018), the Passover Holy Day cycle begins... the annual cycle of positive fullness. 
  • We celebrate its arrival with flavorful, leaven-free meals and good intentions the first 2 nights (Mar 30 and Mar 31st, 2018) ... near sundown is a special time as that is the start of Hebrew day and when the Passover moon is glowing
  • Starting at this sundown for 8 days we:
    • Remove leaven (ie: yeast in our physical food, fermentation in our lives, ect) 
    • Focus on raising our awareness
    • Contemplate the meaning of Passover/Resurrection and the cycles in our lives
    • Pull energy inward for spiritual growth including enjoying the most powerful moon of the year - The Passover Full Moon
(*) Northern Hemisphere includes:  North America, the northern part of South America, Europe, the northern two-thirds of Africa, and most of Asia.

Passover starts at sundown tonight (March 30, 2018), it is the sundown directly before the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox (length of the daylight equals the length of the darkness). The significance of the Vernal Spring Equinox Full Moon is that the earth is in balance... at a time of balance (Vernal Equinox), the sun (male) is rising into the positive cycle when the moon (female) phase is full thus fully reflecting a corresponding positive. The male and female are in union.The Spring Equinox marks the start of the positive cycle as earth is tilted toward the sun with equal days and nights. And the moon is also in its positive cycle at Passover, fully reflecting the sun’s light.

This strong Passover Full Moon in conjunction with the sun rising into the northern hemisphere, moves the Laws within your body which provides you a greater opportunity for soul-birth ultimately by drawing nearer to the soul-self. In the Hebrew calendar, there are 2 New Years ... fall being the time of physical birth and spring the time of spiritual birth. Overall the objective is to maintain a heightened level of consciousness -- channeling the higher energy level within you, which you can use to increase your awareness. 

This is a special cosmic interval where you can channel some of the energy that is lost into nature through mechanical religious rituals and redirect it inward. During Passover and Easter, there are great numbers of Christians and Jews following their ritualized prayers in an external manner -- and they are actually giving off energy which is drawn into a cosmic heightened state. It is possible to harness that excess lost energy during certain cosmic intervals and direct it inward in order to assist you in breaking down your own inner limitations -- seeking greater depth within yourself. Often, women can feel this energy which is very lunar, and they can not only channel it within themselves, but they can pass it on into their husbands.This is not being selfish or taking something from others, it is recognizing the cycles/patterns and choosing to use them as designed for spiritual growth.

It is interesting that the start of Passover this year falls on Good Friday as well as the Passover Moon being the 2nd full moon this month. Several rare occurrences bundled together. Is this a correspondence of some sort or just coincidence? Ponder the connection between: Passover, The Last Supper and Resurrection... the cosmic window is open! 

Since soul-birth is achieved through incremental levels climbing up Jacob's Ladder, each Passover should be a time of achieving new and greater heights. One more step! The deeper meaning and significance of this Holy Day is between you and your Soul-self.

Note: See the Spring Holy Day Article posted on this blog in 2015 for more specific details on the Spring Holy Day Observance